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You can enjoy your own green income stream from your land and contribute to a low carbon economy.

yoo Energy is continuing its search for new wind turbine sites across the UK. If you think you have a suitably windy site for a wind turbine development contact us for a free no obligation feasibility study.

The yoo Energy team has years of experience in the renewable sector, enjoying input from our specialist engineers, finance and planning experts. This joined up approach allows us to both fund a project and to run its development from planning to the final construction.

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Wind farms & funding

With a high output for a small ground footprint, wind turbines take up relatively little farm space. Once erected the land around the turbine can continue to be used for farming. The turbines will require an access track to allow for regular maintenance over their life time. Existing farm tracks can be used and well thought out wind turbine placement can maximise land usage.

Turbines can run hand in hand with livestock and arable farming around them. Sheep, cattle and other livestock happily co-exist with turbines, with crop harvesting continuing as usual. A wind turbine project can provide an inflation linked income for the land owner for twenty or more years.

At the end of the project (typically after twenty or twenty five years), all of the turbine and infrastructure are removed down to a depth of 1 meter. The ground surface is then fully restored, removing all visible signs of the turbine. Your legacy on the land is restored for the next generation.

Case study

We were contacted by a landowner who was interested in wind turbines on his land. Find out how we went from a simple enquiry to a completed project.

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Require investment?

Do you have a site with planning but require investment? yoo Energy can fund a project providing no risk to the landowner.

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