How it works

Welcome to yoo Energy’s 8 steps for developing wind projects.
Getting a wind energy project up and running is a lengthy process and can look daunting.
Review the 8 steps and you will quickly find out if your project has potential.

Step 01: Wind speed

How windy is your site?

We require a minimum wind speed in order to make the site viable for a wind turbine.

Step 02: Grid Connection

How close is the required grid connection?

A local connection to the national grid is important as the cost of a long connection run can be prohibitive.

Step 03: Proximity to neighbouring properties

How close are your nearest neighbours?

Due to noise we like to site turbines away from habitations.

Step 04: Planning restrictions

Does the site have any planning limitations?

If your site is within a restricted area such as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) or SSSI designated; then planning is unlikely to go ahead.

Step 05: Construction access

Can turbine & equipment be brought to site?

A wind turbine is a large piece of equipment, so access for the cranes, wide turning circles for the blades and traffic planning need consideration.

Step 06: Option agreement

Create a written agreement pending planning

A signed Option Agreement allows us to then run through the full planning process and if successful move onto construction.

Step 07: Planning application

Submit a planning application

Once complete, we submit the planning application for appraisal from the local authority. If granted we can move onto construction.

Step 08: Construction

We’re up and running!

Construction and national grid connection of the turbine.